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Happy New Year, Healthy New Year

Hello Everyone,

First, just a little about me...I have been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. I was also the ANBC Natural Bodybuilding Champion. Watching our patients here at Medical Weight Loss Center succeed gives me such satisfaction on a daily basis that it is both a pleasure and a privilege to come to work every day!

healthy new year

We all know that January is the biggest month for people to decide to make a change. Whether it's quitting smoking, deciding to be on time to work from now on, or losing weight. My hope is that we all resolve to be healthier. We all want to be around for as long as possible for our children, grand-children and those we love. That means exercising and doing some kind of cardio for our heart health. it also means eating healthier and losing weight. Now for a tip!! Dining out is always a challenge, but especially during the Holidays. Before you attend a party or go to a restaurant, eat an apple and drink a glass of water. If you don't like apples, choose another piece of fruit. Do this literally right before you leave or even on your way to the dinner or party. It won't ruin your appetite, but you will be more able to stick to your "plan".

Look for more tips this month and feel free to contact me through our "contact us" page. If you would like a free weight loss consultation you may call us or again, use the "contact us" page.

I am looking for some new healthy recipes so by all means submit them please!

Good luck this year with all of your hopes and endeavors,

Lucy A. Johnson